With almost 30 years of active leadership throughout the Middle East, at Gulf Scientific Corporation (GSC) we look back at our milestones with pride, as we continue to look ahead into the future with even greater ambition and enthusiasm. 

Our mission is as simple as it is meaningful: to provide sustainable solutions for the scientific community in the Middle East by delivering the most advanced technologies, expertise and services for the analytical, life and material science laboratories.

At GSC, we provide our clients with a broad spectrum of technologies, including research and critical diagnostic tools. We are committed to delivering quality services on a daily basis as we strive harder to ensure the ongoing success of our clients. This is the spirit of our enterprise and the difference that we deliver.

In addition to our milestones in the field of analytical sciences, at GSC we are quickly becoming an unrivalled facilitator of life and material sciences in the Middle East. At GSC, we are pioneers with an evolving sense of purpose.

We would like to thank our clients for believing in us for almost three decades and for giving us the opportunity to serve the expanding scientific community in the Middle East. We hope to continue our journey with you well into the future.

Dr. Wahib Afyouni 
Founder & Managing Director