Microarray Solutions

Affymetrix Micorarray Solutions include all necessary components for a successful microarray experiment, from arrays and reagents to instruments and software. A complete range of solutions addresses diverse research needs, from RNA to DNA analysis, a few to thousands of samples, and targeted to genome-wide analysis.


DNA Analysis Solutions

Affymetrix offers arrays, reagents, software, and instruments for DNA research.

Key applications includes:

  • Molecular Cytogenetics
  • OncoScan Assays
  • Genome-Wide Genotyping for Human Disease Research
  • Targeted Genotyping for Human Disease Research
  • Agrigenomics Solutions
  • Model Organisms and Companion Animals
  • Resequencing Analysis
  • Copy Number Analysis
  • DMET Plus Solution.


RNA Analysis Solutions

Affymetrix offers arrays, reagents, software, and instruments for gene expression profiling.

Key applications include:

  • Whole-Transcript Expression Profiling
  • Gene Regulation Analysis
  • miRNA Profiling
  • 3’ IVT Expression Profiling.


Molecular Diagnostics

Affymetrix products for molecular diagnostics enable clinical researchers to confidently develop, commercialize, and run diagnostic tests.

Key applications include:

  • Gene Profiling Solutions
  • Genetic Test for Developmental Delay & Intellectual Disability.


Molecular Pathology

ViewRNA® Assays are widely adopted for performing quantitative RNA in situ hybridization that delivers molecular detection within a morphological context in a single assay. ViewRNA Assays deliver highly specific and sensitive results in a variety of samples for any probe of interest.

Key applications include:

  • In situ hybridization assays.



eBioscience is a leading provider of immunology and oncology flow cytometry reagents. It offers one of the world’s largest selections of antibodies, ELISAs, and proteins for Life Science research and diagnostics. Affymetrix eBioscience specializes in providing products for researchers and clinicians in the areas of immunology, cell, cancer and stem biology as well as clinical.

Key applications include:

  • Cell Separation
  • Clinical Diagnostic Reagents
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Functional Activity & Recombinants
  • Gene Expression
  • IHC & ICC
  • IP & Western Blotting
  • ProcartaPlex Multiplex Immunoassay
  • RNA Flow Cytometry
  • Support Reagents.



The USB line of PCR reagents includes a range of tools for robust and accurate PCR applications. ExoSAP-IT for PCR product cleanup is a unique, single-step, enzymatic cleanup that efficiently removes primers and dNTPs prior to DNA sequencing. USB HotStart-IT products provide consistent results at an unmatched value. A variety of other reagents are available for real-time, endpoint, and long and accurate PCR.

Key applications include:

  • End-point PCR
  • qPCR/qRT-PCR
  • PCR Clean Up
  • RT-PCR.


Molecular Biology Enzymes

USB enzymes, including polymerases, nucleases, ligases, and DNA binding proteins are used for a variety of molecular biology applications such as amplification, nucleic acid manipulation, and DNA sequencing. USB has more than 30 years of enzyme production experience, and all enzymes are tested in standard functional assays and certified free of nucleases and proteases.

Key applications include:

  • Amplification
  • Nucleic acid manipulation
  • Sequencing.


Molecular Biology Kits & Reagents

Affymetrix offers a wide selection of products and kits for popular molecular biology applications, including cloning, RNA analysis, DNA sequencing, and protein analysis. The USB line of pre-mixed buffers and solutions offers convenience at the bench.

Key applications include:

  • Cellular Manipulation
  • Cloning
  • DNA Standards and Primers
  • Gene Regulation
  • RNA Analysis
  • Mutagenesis
  • DNA Sequencing
  • Protein Analysis
  • Molecular Biology Enzymes
  • Pre-mixed Buffers and Solutions.



Affymetrix offers simple and effective kits for isolation of nucleic acid proteins from a variety of starting samples. Single-column, eight-well strips or plate formats are available for many applications.

Key applications include:

  • DNA, RNA and Protein Purification
  • PCR Clean Up.



USB biochemicals provide reliable and repeatable results. The world’s leading Life Science companies rely on USB biochemicals to consistently meet their manufacturing requirements.

Key applications include:

  • Protein Analysis.