GenASIs Pathology Suite

GenASIs™ Pathology Suite is a digital pathology platform for imaging, scoring and reporting of quantitative brightfield & fluorescent samples. A robust and user-friendly solution, the system fits the workflow of any sized lab, improves efficiency and encourages cost savings.

  • Improved workflow
  • Accurate, objective and repeatable results
  • Immediate cost savings
  • Computerized scoring and classification of thousands of cells


For more than a decade, ASI is the leading provider of karyotyping solutions. GenASIs BandView, ASI’s karyotyping application, provides numerous features and benefits for greater throughput, a more friendly working environment and enhanced functionality. 


Improves efficiency by supporting manual & automated workflows

  • Strongest solution for G/R/Q -Band Karyotyping
  • Multiple probes
  • Multiple choice of slides & applications
  • Multiple templates
  • Multiple contrast settings within scanning templates 
  • Multiple image enhancements for every cell 
  • Configurable templates


  • Every possible tool for editing & case throughput
  • Multiple command choices for each process (mouse, keyboard on-screen)
  • Comfortable user interface


HyperSpectral Imaging

ASI is a pioneer in the field of HyperSpectral imaging, with a primary focus on applications within biomedical imaging and microscopy. Our HyperSpectral imaging is used as a state of the art diagnostic tool for clinical labs.

In addition to clinical uses, the HyperSpectral imaging platform is used by research institutions around the world within multiple scientific disciplines. Over the past two decades, thousands of studies with our HyperSpectral camera have been conducted and published.