ASI’s FDA-approved GenASIs system enables automated cytogenetic and tissue analysis for primary diagnostics with reproducible and reliable results. Its products and applications line at GSC includes:

Cytogenetic Imaging:

  • Chromosome Banding
    • Bright field or fluorescence
    • Manual or automated
  • Cytology Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization (FISH)

Imaging for Pathology:

  • FDA approved tissue and cytology FISH (e.g. HER2/neu, UroVysion, etc…)
  • State of the art bright field tissue imaging (e.g. CISH)

Hyperspectral Imaging:

  • HiSKY – Spectral Karyotyping (imaging, analysis and kit)
  • Multiplexed biomedical imaging (e.g. cell protein expression map)