MARS 6 was developed to make microwave sample preparation virtually effortless. At the heart of the MARS 6 is CEM’s new One Touch™ Technology, an unparalleled combination of more than 30 years of microwave chemistry expertise with the most advanced software, sensor, and touch screen technologies.


  • Choose from simple CEM One Touch™ Technology or MARS Clahssic method programming;
  • PowerMAX™ power control technology delivers maximum energy to the sample for more complete digestions;
  • 1800 Watts – more power delivery than any other microwave digestion system;
  • Large wide-format, high-resolution, acid-resistant touchscreen – no external controllers needed;
  • Remarkably easy-to-use, intuitive onboard software;
  • Advanced sensor technology for vessel recognition, temperature and pressure control.


Discover SP-D

Escape the confines of traditional box-style microwave digestion systems and experience an incredible ease-of-use you’ve never had before in sample preparation.

  • Complete digests in 10 minutes, including cool down;Pressurized vessels (10-, 35- or 80-mL) with easy snap-on caps;
  • Patent-pending ActiVent® Technology automatically controls vessel pressure;
  • Sample sizes up to 2 g;
  •  Safest technology for microwave digestion;
  • Individual method programming for each sample;
  • Full pressure & temperature control for each sample;
  • Compact- smaller than box-style microwave digestion systems;
  •  Automated sample decks available.


Discover SP-D GOLD

Discover SP-D Gold is the most dynamic microwave digestion system in the market. This automated sequential system will digest your most extreme samples using proprietary vessels that can withstand higher temperatures and pressures.


  • Complete digests in 10 minutes, including cool down;
  • Pressurized 70ml quartz vessels with easy snap-on caps;
  • Patent-pending ActiVent® Technology with automatic vessel pressure control;
  • Sample sizes up to 2 g;Safest technology for microwave digestion;
  • Individual method programming for each sample;
  • Full pressure and temperature control for each sample;
  • Compact– smaller than box-style microwave digestion systems;
  • 24 position autosampler is available.


Discover SP-X

Significantly reduce solvent usage and decrease extraction times from hours to minutes with the new Discover SP-X, a remarkable, sequential platform for automated microwave extraction, hydrolysis, or derivitizations.

  •  Reduce solvent usage by up to 95%;
  • Typical extractions in 10 minutes or less, including cool down;
  • Full temperature & pressure control of each vessel;
  • Easy-to-use vessels with snap-on caps;
  • Works with all solvents, including polar & non-polar;
  • Accommodates a wide range of sample sizes;
  • Documentation of every sample;
  • Stirring provides uniformity of sample mixture;
  • Compact;
  • Optional automation deck – load it and leave it;  Ideal for a wide variety of matrices including foods, plastics and polymers, environmental samples, textiles, and more.



Complete digestion of larger size samples has never been easier with the STAR Plus System. It is the only open vessel system that offers a unique patented temperature feedback control, the ability to process samples using different programmable methods, and the safety and convenience of automated reagent addition. The system incorporates one miniaturized reagent pump for every reagent on every cell, eliminating cross contamination of reagents. The STAR Plus System is also capable of evaporating digested samples to dryness for redissolution with nitric acid to aid in further analysis.

  • Process 2 samples independently using different methods at simultaneous or sequential start times;
  •  Automated evaporation of sample and reagent to dryness;
  • Automated reagent addition;
  • Pre-programmable “Time-to-temperature” parameters for rapid optimization of methods:

o 1 pump per reagent for each individual cell;

o Easily digest difficult or highly reactive samples in sizes up to 10g;

o Self-contained scrubber system frees fume hood space;

o ISO accountability for program parameter;

o Small footprint fits virtually any laboratory;

o System software tracks reagent supply to prevent depletion;

o Software is easy to learn and intuitive to use – requires less than 30 minutes training.


Process Control


The Phoenix line of microwave muffle furnaces offers unmatched versatility and speed in a rugged, easy-to-use system. The Phoenix Microwave Muffle Furnaces enable companies in many diverse industries to improve their process control, allowing them to make rapid adjustments to reduce “out-of-specification” product. These systems can perform many high temperature applications up to 97% faster than traditional muffle furnaces. The standard Phoenix Microwave Muffle Furnace configuration features:

  • Convenience: Accurate results in minutes;
  • Speed: Up to 10 times faster than conventional muffle furnaces;
  • Capacity: Ash up to 15 samples at one time;
  • Versatility: Use any type of crucible normally used in conventional ashing systems, even platinum;
  • Programmable temperature control
  • Auto-Start/Auto-Shutdown softwareBuilt-in exhaust system;
  • Entry and storage of up to 20 methods;
  • Built-in calibration software;
  • Over-temperature and thermocouple failure safeguards;
  • Built-in system diagnostics;
  • Use any type of crucible normally used in a conventional muffle furnace, including platinum.



SMART 6 is the fastest microwave moisture/solids analysis system available. Samples reach optimal drying temperature in less than 5 seconds. Your manufacturing process will run more efficiently and more profitably when you can make quick, on-line adjustments based on accurate moisture data. CEM’s SMART 6 Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer gives you rapid, precise results in 3 minutes.


  • Fast! Moisture/Solids analysis with turbo power;
  • Sample results in as little as 2 minutes;
  • Improve process control;
  • Increase profits;
  • Complies with AOAC Official Methods 985.14, 985.26 and 2008.6.


SMART Trac ll, HYBRID Trac, and FAST Trac

Rapid analysis is essential in the food industry wherein time is critical. The Trac™ Systems allows users to check moisture and fat values in minutes and gives them peace of mind that their product meets the required specifications before reaching customers.


  • Rapid determination of moisture and fat for both wet and dry samples;
  •  More accurate and robust than NIR;
  • Results comparable to standard methods;
  •  No costly calibration maintenance;
  • Create new methods with only 3 samples;
  •  Easily transfer methods from unit-to-unit and site-to-site;
  • No solvents;
  • Accurate results that are not affected by changes in additives, color, or granularity;
  •  Uses AOAC Official Method 2008.06;
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use interface.



Bioscience meets food science with CEM’s new SPRINT™ Rapid Protein Analyzer for fast, accurate protein testing. This patent-pending system, which uses iTAG protein-tagging technology, identifies and measures only protein, not nitrogen, so you can be certain your results are accurate.


  • Direct: Measures only protein, not total nitrogen;
  •  Remarkably easy to use;
  • No hazardous chemicals;
  • Safer than Kjeldahl with better results;
  • Automates Official AOAC methods;
  • Downloadable iMethods™;
  • Green Method.



Meat Trac™ is a dedicated system for fat and moisture analysis in meat products. It is direct as it delivers the right answer, no matter what; changes in color, additives, temperature, or granularity do not alter the results.


  •  Efficiency: Provides fast answers with the accuracy and precision traditionally seen in reference methods;
  • Precision: Delivers precision within 0.1% in an 8 second fat test proves that the MEAT Trac’s speed does not sacrifice results;
  • Reliable: It includes a built-in diagnostics and a signal lock before every test, and is able to deliver consistent results test after test.



  • Complete meat analysis data in 90 seconds;
  • Uses AOAC Official Method 2008.06 for moisture determination;
  • Control production processes with rapid data;
  • Green, no hazardous waste, low energy needs.


SAM 255 

The SAM-255 now with IntelliTemp Infrared temperature control provides rapid drying of all types of samples. The SAM-255 Workstation can analyze large-sized samples for moisture or solids.

  • Intellitemp provides consistent drying every day, every batch;
  • Works great with paint bases and colors;
  • Ideal for powdered milk;
  • Reduce drying times from hours to minutes;
  • Drying comparable to standard air oven method;
  • Consistent reproducible results;
  • Stores up to 20 separate methods;
  • Each method can have up to 8 heating, cooling or heat ramping stages.



Microwave technology has become a common tool for chemical synthesis both in academia and industry. They entail faster reaction times, improved purity, greater yields, enhanced reaction control and reproducibility. CEM offers both focused and multimode microwave synthesis systems.


Discover SP

Discover SP is the most flexible microwave system available. Small scale and large scale, high temperature and low temperature, and gaseous reagents can all be used on a single simple system. In addition to its flexibility, the Discover SP is the most reliable microwave system available with little maintenance required. The unique self-tuning cavity automatically adjusts to each sample to maximize microwave power and deliver consistent results


· Activent™ vent and reseal technology minimizes over pressurization and helps ensure each reaction goes to completion, every time.

· Simple software and intuitive programming make the Discover SP the easiest system to operate. Hot keys allow modification of parameters on the fly, onboard data handling stores temperature, power, and pressure profiles, and optional Synergy software generates reports with publication-friendly graphs.

· Discover SP is built for speed as it quickly changes from reflux reaction to sealed vessel conditions to low temperature synthesis. Complete each transformation at the speed of light with greater yields and improved purity.


MARS 6 Synthesis

The MARS 6 multimode reactor is suitable for running a single vessel or up to 40 in parallel. Fully customizable, the MARS 6 benchtop system can be dedicated for synthesis or serve as an all-in-one microwave reactor for a variety of applications.


· Faster reaction times;

· Greater yields;

· Improved purity;

· Better reproducibility;

· Enhanced reaction control.