Merck Millipore’s Bioscience products and services simplify the workflow for researchers, and help to advance research in a wide variety of areas ranging from neuroscience, infectious disease, oncology, and metabolic disorders to stem cells, cell signaling, nuclear function, and chromatin biology. Bioscience is comprised of 2 business fields:

Life Science: Supplies leading edge, high quality products to academia and pharma/biotech customers engaged in conducting of life science and disease research:

  • Flow cytometry, cell imaging & counting
  • Multiplex & Immunoassays: Experience highly validated multiplex assays for use with Luminex systems, ELISAs & RIAs for complete biomarkers analysis
  • Western Blotting: Membranes, optimized reagents and streamlined processing with SNAP i.d.®
  • Inhibitors & Biochemicals: Calbiochem® Inhibitors & Research Essential Biochemicals
  • Cell Preparation: Prepare, grow, analyze with proven products like Stericup®, Millex® filters
  • Antibodies: Based on the combined expertise of Upstate® & Chemicon®
  • Protein sample preparation: extraction, purification and concentration of Proteins and Nucleic Acids using Amicon ultra filters & Pure proteome magnetic beads
  • Molecular Biology: expert workflow solutions from DNA cloning to protein expression and purification: with KOD DNA Polymerase or Genejuice transfection reagents.

Discovery and Development Solutions

Merck Millipore provides specialized discovery and preclinical contract services to assist pharma/biotech customers in drug discovery and development. The diverse products cover several major target classes including Kinases, GPCRs, Ion Channels and Ubiquitin.

 Lab Solutions

The Lab Solutions business provides lab products and equipment for applications in the life science and industrial markets. As a trusted partner for the worldwide lab market, Lab Solutions provides premium quality, competence, reliability and consistency through two specific business fields:

Lab Water

Merck Millipores range of purification water systems is designed to provide laboratories with efficient and economic performance, adapted monitoring and quality assurance. Lab Water Purification Systems portfolio comprises:

  • Ultrapure Water, Type 1 Ultrapure Water: Milli-Q Integral, Direct-Q, Synergy, Simplicity, Super-Q
  • Analytical-Grade Water, Type 2 Pure Water: Elix, Elix Advantage, RiO-DI, Milli-DI
  • Laboratory-Grade Water, Type 3 (RO): RiOs
  • Clinical Analyzers: Analyzer Feed Systems AFS, RiOs-DI, Elix, BioPak
  • Storage: Reservoirs, Automatic Sanitazition Module
  • Consumables: Purifiers
  • Application Paks: Millipak, BioPak, EDSPak, VOC-Pak.


Supplies state-of-the-art regulatory compliant microbiological testing solutions. Merck Millipore quality control products and services ensure pharmaceuticals and food and beverage are free from biological contaminants when released into the markets:

  • Air monitoring testing
  • Sterility testing
  • Dehydrated Culture Media, Real-Time PCR Kits and Immunoassays (Lateral Flow Tests)
  • Milliflex Quantum Rapid Detection System
  • MilliPROBE, Real-Time Detection System for Mycoplasma.

Lab Essentials

Offers analytical excellence for a wide range of applications and top-quality, validated products. Merck Millipore has a long history of enabling efficient sample preparation within the life sciences. The solutions address the following application areas:

  • Filtration of aqueous and organic solutions
  • Sample prep for chromatography and mass spec
  • Concentration and purification
  • Sterile filtration
  • Environmental monitoring and analysis
  • Fuel, hydraulic fluids and machined parts.

Process Solutions

The Process Solutions business offers products, services and solutions to help advance the journey of therapeutic molecules. The team adheres to the highest standards in the production of raw materials and strives to streamline the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical manufacturing process. Process Solutions is comprised of two business fields: Upstream Bioprocessing and Downstream Bioprocessing.

Upstream Bioprocessing: Merck Millipore helps optimize efficiency and product safety by providing a range of integrated solutions combined with applications expertise for biotech, diagnostics and other Life Science applications. The products range include:

  • Expression technology through to critical cell culture supplements
  • Media and buffer filtration
  • Traditional or single-use containers and systems.

Downstream Bioprocessing: Merck Millipore offers innovative solutions designed to give laboratories a performance edge by enabling consistent unit operations development, optimization, technology transfer and process scale-up. Merck Millipore’s small scale development tools, consumables, stainless or single-use equipment and systems, integrated technologies, applications, and validation services support laboratories through the production process:

  • Clarification
  • Purification
  • Viral clearance
  • Sterile filtration Process monitoring
  • Process development through scale-up to full-scale production.