In Vivo Imaging

PerkinElmer’s instrumentation and reagents are used globally by researchers investigating a spectrum of preclinical models including oncology, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders, inflammation and infectious diseases.

Monitor bioluminescence, fluorescence, Cerenkov, or PET and combine your 3D results with microCT for a greater understanding of disease localization and tracking over time.

  • Seamlessly combine functional and anatomical data using the integrated multimodality systems.
  • Translate small animal models into more clinically translational large animal and comparative oncology models using the open-air fluorescence imaging system.
  • Conduct essential preclinical research with PerkinElmer’s portfolio of in vivo imaging solutions, including advanced application-specific training.

Key applications include:

  • Cardiovascular Biology
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Oncology
  • Chemical Toxicity
  • Diabetes
  • Inflammation
  • Neurology
  • Stem Cells
  • Drug Discovery.

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Tissue Imaging

Enter the world of Phenoptics™ Research Solutions to advance your for Cancer Immunology & Immunotherapy research. With Phenoptics™ Research Solutions you can detect, measure, visualize, and compare multiple immune-cell phenotypes simultaneously in FFPE tissue – in the same tumor and its microenvironment.

For validating biomarkers and providing better data to support research into potential subpopulation stratification methodologies, there’s finally a complete in situ solution.

Key applications include:

  • Quantitative Pathology
  • Cancer Immunology
  • Immunotherapy TBD
  • Multiplex Biomarker Imaging TBD
  • Immunohistochemistry (IHC) TBD
  • Immunofluorescence TBD.

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Cellular Imaging

PerkinElmer provides a range of cell imaging solutions including systems for live cell imaging, 3D imaging, high content screening, phenotypic screening and image-based cytometry. Benefits include: 

  • Visualize and quantify biology in the context of individual cells, cell populations and complex tissues using the advanced microscopic imaging and analysis solutions.
  • Obtain statistically significant data on cellular function from high-content analysis and screening technology, which provides quantitative descriptions of cellular phenotypes at high throughput.
  • Increase the reliability of your analytical findings by taking an orthogonal approach to your research – combining target-based and phenotypic assays and using an array of detection technologies, including the image-based cytometry solutions.

Key applications include:

  • Fixed-cell Assays 
  • Live Cell Assays
  • 3D Cell Culture Analysis
  • Protein-Protein Interactions
  • High-throughput Phenotyping
  • Confocal.

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 Micro Plate Readers 

PerkinElmer offers plate readers with a wide range of modes to meet the diverse application requirements of any lab. Each multimode detection plate reader features leading technologies, so no matter which instrument you choose, you can expect excellent performance for your specific application: 

  • EnSpire® Multimode Plate Reader — High performance technology and flexibility without compromising sensitivity for diverse research applications.
  • EnSpire Alpha Plate Reader — Proven Alpha technology at an affordable price.
  • EnVision Multilabel Plate Reader — The highest speed, ultra-high throughput and maximum sensitivity across all detection technologies.
  • EnSight Multimode Plate Reader — The first benchtop system to offer well-imaging alongside label-free and labeled detection technologies VICTOR X Multilabel Plate Reader — flexibility, speed and performance to research labs of all sizes. 

Key applications include:

  • Imaging
  • Label-free
  •  Alpha Technology
  • Ultra-Sensitive Luminescence
  • TRF and TR-FRET
  •  Fluorescence and Absorbance. 

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Radiometric Detection & Automated Gamma Counting

PerkinElmer radiometric detection systems are designed to cater for your application needs related to gamma counting, beta counting, and other types of radiochemical detection and measurement.

Over sixty years of experience and innovation in liquid scintillation analysis results in unmatched service and applications expertise.

With the expanded WIZARD2 family of automatic gamma counters, you can have outstanding sensitivity together with the highest-level security, connectivity and ease of use, giving you greater command over your gamma counting process. Whatever your application need, there’s a WIZARD2 that delivers superior gamma counting performance.

Key applications include:                                                                                            

  • Life Science Research 
  •   Radiation Safety/ Health Physics
  •  Nuclear Industry
  •  Environmental Monitoring
  • Archaeology.

Automation & Liquid Handling

Automation & Liquid Handling

Accelerate your life science research from bench to clinic with simple-to-use automated solutions. PerkinElmer’s automated liquid handling solutions eliminate the challenge of obsolescence by providing modular and scalable solutions to meet your needs now and in the future.

Designed and supported by proven scientific expertise across genomics, biotherapeutics, high throughput screening, and high content analysis, PerkinElmer’s range of adaptable platforms are as dynamic as the scientific research they enable.

Key applications include:

• Cellular Assays

• Molecular Biology and Genomics

• Drug Discovery

• Environmental

• Food, Feed, and Veterinary Medicine

• Forensics

• Immunoassays

• Sample Preparation

• Molecular Diagnostics

• Toxicology.

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Streamline multiple, manual steps of slab gel electrophoresis, while attaining rapid, reproducible data viewed as a virtual gel, electropherogram, or tabular display. PerkinElmer’s leading microfluidics platforms include:

  • The LabChip® Touch platform quantitates DNA, RNA and protein samples, as well as glycan and charge heterogeneity analysis.
  • LabChip® DS UV-Vis micro-volume spectrophotometer offers full spectral quantification of nucleic acid and protein samples, with volumes as low as 2uL.

Key applications include: 

  • Automated High Performance Electrophoresis
  • Quantitative and Qualitative analysis of DNA, RNA, and Proteins
  • Glycan Screening
  • Charge Variant Analysis.

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Reagents, Consumables & Chemicals

PerkinElmer provides high quality research-grade reagents, consumables and cell lines for all kinds of laboratories. 

Key applications include:

  • Bioluminescent Cell Lines, Bacteria and Substrates
  • In vivo Fluorescent Agents
  • Luminescence Assays
  • Tissue Biomarker Reagents
  • AlphaLISA (no wash ELISA alternative)
  • ELISA Kits
  • Enzymes
  • Chromogenic Substrates
  • Blotting Reagents
  • Fluorescent and Hapten Nucleotides
  • Receptor Cell Lines and Membranes
  • Secondary Antibodies and Proteins
  • Radiochemicals
  • Stable Isotopes.

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Informatics & Software

The PerkinElmer data handling and analysis software, as well as informatics products assist a wide range of research everyday in obtaining more meaningful data, including genome centers, genomics labs, imaging core facilities, and chemistry labs. 

Key applications include:

  • NGS & qPCR Analysis
  • Chemical Structure Analysis
  • Image Analysis
  • TIBCO Spotfire.