Conquering Non-invasive Imaging for Pre-clinical Drug Development

More than ever, we need the best minds working the best tools conquering the biggest challenges. To that point, pre-clinical drug development workflow includes toxicity evaluation at iteratively higher biological levels: cellular, tissue, organ, and whole organism. The ability to model and image at each of these levels is a powerful tool for molecule evaluation and development. Read more.

Non-Invasive Optical Imaging for Viral Research & Vaccine Development

Viral pathogens are the most common cause of respiratory infections, including influenza virus, measles, mumps, and coronaviruses (causing MERS-2012 and COVID-19). Read how non-invasive optical imaging enables the most intricate host-pathogen interactions to be visualized and monitored in disease models that mimic what is seen in humans.

The Role of In Vivo Imaging in Drug Discovery & Development

Advances in non-invasive in vivo imaging techniques have raised the use of animal models in preclinical drug discovery and development to a new level, enabling quick and efficient drug efficacy screening.

The IVIS┬« SpectrumCT preclinical in vivo imaging system expands upon the versatility of the IVIS Spectrum by offering 2D and 3D imaging capabilities but includes integrated low-dose microCT ideal for longitudinal studies.

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