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Tracking, monitoring, and visualizing biological processes and disease progression is key to not only helping you better understand biology, it is also crucial in evaluating the effectiveness of your potential drug candidates earlier in the development process. In vivo imaging plays a profound role in advancing researchers’ understanding of molecular and physiological research across a broad range of disease models, as well as accelerating preclinical development of therapeutics in a non-invasive manner and in real-time. In addition, High-Content Screening (HCS) combines high-throughput automated imaging and analysis to extract quantitative multi-parametric data at the single-cell level. Browse through the latest news from PerkinElmer life science solutions.

NEW! PhenoVue Cellular Imaging Reagents

Phenomenal Fluorescence

New from PerkinElmer, our PhenoVue™ cellular imaging reagents are designed to streamline your high-content workflows and include:

  • Optimized cell painting kits
  • Stains for organelles and cell compartments
  • Fluorescent secondary antibodies.

In vivo Imaging

Case Study: Detect CAR-T Cell Toxicity

CAR-T therapy has achieved tremendous success in treating blood malignancies; however treating solid tumors with CAR-T cells has proven to be challenging due to several factors such as on-tumor, off-tumor toxicity. Read this case study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania who used optical imaging on the IVIS® platform to create a mouse model that expresses tumor-associated antigens in normal tissue to study on-target, off-tumor CAR T-cell toxicity.

Upcoming Webinar: In Living Color

March 31, 2021

Join PerkinElmer's live webinar on March 31, 2021 at 18:00 KSA | 19:00 UAE, where our applications scientists will discuss best practices using the IVIS® preclinical optical imaging platform to help you get the most out of your imaging studies. Highlights include, selecting and characterizing imaging reporters and substrates, as well as tips on image acquisition and analysis.


In vivo Imaging Solutions

As a recognized leader in preclinical imaging, PerkinElmer's IVIS® 2D and 3D optical, & Quantum GX2 microCT imaging systems, as well as a wide range of reagents, provide full solutions to support preclinical research in numerous disease areas. With over 12,000 peer-reviewed publications, this video demonstrates how PerkinElmer's hard-earned expertise makes it a trusted provider of preclinical imaging solutions.

High-Content Screening

Application Note:Cell Painting

Cell Painting is a powerful HCS method, which combines cell and computational biology to unravel cells’ responses and gain a deeper understanding of the effects of chemical and genetic perturbagens. The latest application note illustrates how to set up optimal imaging parameters; easily perform the assay using the PhenoVue™ Cell Painting kit; extract and analyze more than 5,700 cellular features; and visualize multidimensional data using Signals™ Screening analysis platform.

On-Demand Webinar: Advancing Knowledge to Combat Diseases

Learn how researchers are employing HCS to make great strides in the fight against deadly viruses. Glean upon recent developments of effective treatments for COVID-19 and other viral diseases that might emerge in the future, and find out how PerkinElmer’s HCA systems allow researchers to to investigate the biological mechanisms underlying disease progression.

White Paper: AI, ML & DL in Cell Imaging for Improved Drug Discovery

In the world of cellular imaging and its application to drug discovery, there is evidence of real progress against some of the critical challenges facing scientists using artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning. Read our latest white paper to learn more about challenges in cellular imaging and drug discovery that these technologies are helping to overcome.

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