Live Webinar: Virology Workflow Solutions

Make Your Research Go Viral with PerkinElmer

DATE: Wednesday, September 16

TIME: 11:30 AST | 12:30 GST

DURATION: 1 hour


Join us for a live webinar on Wednesday, September 16th, to learn about how PerkinElmer's solutions meet the needs of many applications for infectious disease detection and research across your workflow.


In today’s climate, no part of the globe will remain unaffected by the COVID-19 pandemic. This makes it critical for researchers to ramp up their R&D activities.

With our uniquely-positioned solutions, PerkinElmer provides an orthogonal approach to that will simplify your Virology research.

Whether it is our highly sensitive and robust Detection Systems that automate tedious Viral Plaque Assays, or our Imaging Solutions that provide a ground-breaking approach to Screening and understanding underlying disease mechanisms, PerkinElmer offers versatile combinations of detection and imaging systems to equip researchers with effective tools in their journey to finding a cure.


Shahzada Asad, PhD

Senior Product Specialist

Imran Hassan, MS

Senior Product Specialist

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