To maintain your water system’s performance, it is critical to replace your purification cartridges on time and with genuine ISO 9001-certified parts. Milli-Q® Lab Water has developed a unique portfolio of consumables for a variety of feed water quality requirements and a range of applications. Watch our video to find out how to guarantee your water quality and to ensure the longevity of your water purification system.

With Milli-Q® Services, we provide a range of best-in-class service plans and support options to meet the individual needs of our diverse clients across the pharmaceutical, clinical, academic, industrial, research, food and beverage (F&B) industries and government laboratories- in both validated and non-validated environments.

Our service agreements are designed to optimize your system’s daily performance and extend its lifetime. With our team of Milli-Q®-certified field service engineers, we provide on-site specialist support for the installation, validation, qualification and maintenance of your water systems. From preventive maintenance to supporting your compliance with regulatory guidelines, our specialists are at your service.

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