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PerkinElmer provides a range of solutions for high-content imaging and analysis, and phenotypic screening of 3D cell models, stem cells, and live cells that can be tailored to meet your lab’s needs. Browse through the latest news from PerkinElmer life science solutions.

Introducing PhenoVue™ Cellular Imaging Reagents

New from PerkinElmer, PhenoVue™ cellular imaging reagents are designed to streamline your high-content workflows and include:

  • Optimized cell painting kits
  • Stains for organelles and cell compartments
  • Fluorescent secondary antibodies.

Upcoming Webinars

April 28: PhenoVue Cellular Imaging Reagents Webinar

Faster results, simple reagents, easy-to-operate instrumentation, and seamless workflows: Discover the PhenoVue™ suite of cellular imaging reagents that complement PerkinElmer's proven high-content screening instruments and image analysis software.

Join our webinar on April 28, 2021 to learn more about the PhenoVue portfolio of reagents.

May 5: HCS Data Management


Data management is a critical, but often overlooked process of a comprehensive HCS imaging workflow. The ability to rapidly generate large volumes of data makes it essential to establish an effective data management strategy at the outset of imaging campaigns. Register for PerkinElmer's live webinar on May 5, 2021 to learn about effective data management for HCS.

Application Note: Cell Painting

Cell Painting is a powerful method that combines cell and computational biology to describe the behavior of cells phenotypically following treatment with chemical or genetic perturbagens. Read PerkinElmer's latest high-content screening application note to find out more.

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