Western Blotting is one of the most commonly used techniques in the lab, yet difficulties persist in obtaining consistent, quality results. For decades, Merck has enabled scientists to publish their Western blots with continued innovation and steadfast technical support, along with obtaining consistent, quality results.

Immobilon® PVDF Blotting Membranes

Immobilon® membranes provide a number of advantages compared to nitrocellulose. They won’t crack or curl, and they can be cut without fracturing. They also have low background, broad solvent compatibility, and superior post-transfer protein retention capabilities. In addition, they can be re-probed multiple times.

Immobilon®-E provides the first PVDF blotting membrane that wets in transfer buffer or water. It removes the alcohol pre-wet step while maintaining the high performance associated with Immobilon® transfer membranes.

Immobilon® NOW Dispenser

Revolutionary design of Western Blotting membranes by Merck. The Immobilon NOW offers:

• 1-cut convenience

• Flexibility for mini or midi blots

• No waste

• Doesn’t require the ruler to measure the right dimensions

• Offers the convenience of precut sheets with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of rolls

• New format for all Immobilon membranes:

- Immobilon-P (IPVH85R) 0.45 μm PVDF Membrane

- Immobilon-PSQ (ISEQ85R) 0.22 μm PVDF Membrane

- Immobilon-FL (IPFL85R) Validated for fluorescent Western Blots 0.45 μm PVDF

- Immobilon-E (IEVH85R) Pre-Wets directly into DI water 0.45 μm PVDF.

Note: Complimentary Immobilon dispenser included in first order!

Immobilon® ECL Substrates

Merck offers ECL Substrates of several sensitivities to detect the signal by chemiluminescence. Showing increased signal duration for chemiluminescent detection, the Immobilon Classico, Crescendo and Forte ECL Substrate are Premixed in one bottle and ready-to-use.

Immobilon® GO applies the principles of lateral flow assays for walk-away processing of Western blots. Simply place your miniblot inside the cassette and then add your wash and antibody solutions to the ports in the top. Return after 3 hours to apply the detection substrate and image your Western blot.

Protease & Phosphate Inhibitor Cocktails

Protein stability is fundamental to all aspects of protein research, including analysis by Western Blotting. Merck provides a range of products including Roche cOmplete® inhibitor tablets for increased convenience and enhanced protection. Additionally, our large collection of proteases and phosphatase inhibitor cocktails include the SIGMAFAST™ Brand.

Amicon Ultra for Protein Concentration, Desalting & Buffer Exchange

Simultaneously concentrate and desalt your samples with the unparalleled rapid and reproducible performance of Amicon® Ultra centrifugal filters. With our regenerated cellulose membrane, rest assured that you will properly concentrate a sample without losing it while maintaining the activity of your protein.

Benzonase Nuclease to Enhance Cell Lysis for Protein Extraction

Add Benzonase® nuclease to degrade nucleic acids and reduce viscosity of cellular extracts.

mPAGE Pre-Cast Acrylamide Gels for Protein Electrophoresis

Competitive resolution and sharp bands, straight lanes with shorter run times and faster workflows, and with a larger sample volume of up to 80 μL vs. 25-60 μL (10-well), the mPAGE Pre-Cast Acrylamide Gels are also compatible with your current electrophoresis tank.

Gel Electrophoresis Stains & Dyes

mPAGE Molecular Weight Markers for SDS-PAGE Electrophoresis

Power Supplies for Electrophoresis & Protein Transfer Steps

Merck’s ZooMAb® recombinant antibodies platform represents an entirely new generation of recombinant monoclonal antibodies that offer the superior specificity and affinity of a monoclonal and polyclonal combined with the flexibility of a recombinant for a wider selection of targets, formats, and species.

Primary Antibodies

Merck’s antibodies undergo an enhanced validation program to ensure that you get the results you expect. The versatile portfolio includes an extensive collection of over 70,000 antibodies validated for Western Blotting.

Secondary Antibodies

Merck offers a comprehensive range of secondary antibodies available with specificity for whole Ig molecules or antibody fragments such as the Fc or Fab regions, as well as covering all specie with Fluorescent and HRP Based detection.

ZooMAb® SARS-CoV-2 Antibodies for COVID-19 Research

Antibodies are a critical part of COVID-19 research, as they are used to gain insight into the immune system response to SARS-CoV-2 infections. Relevant applications of antibodies include the detection of biomarkers such as cytokines or to detect CD4 and CD8 T cells, as well as inclusion in serological assays for the monitoring of immunoglobulins. Merck's wide selection of reliable antibodies and related products include reagents that may be relevant for supporting SARS-CoV-2 research.

For Research Use Only. Not For Use In Diagnostic Procedures.

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