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Kjeldahl Analyzers

VELP Scientifica has developed the widest range of Kjeldahl apparatus to respond to the different needs of R&D, QC and QA laboratories today. VELP Scientifica's solutions consist of both traditional and automatic digestion units, as well as four distillation units with multiple innovations and features that distinguish them from other conventional instruments.

The Kjeldahl method is extremely versatile, as it can handle a wide range of samples from Food, Feed & Beverage, Environmental, Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industries

VELP Scientifica's instruments for Kjeldahl nitrogen determination work in accordance with various international scientific associations, including AOAC, AACC, AOCS, EPA, ISO, among others.

The Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analysis Working Principle


The decomposition of nitrogen in organic samples utilizing a concentrated acid solution. This is accomplished by boiling a homogeneous sample in concentrated sulfuric acid. The end result is an ammonium sulfate solution.


Adding an excess base to the acid digestion mixture to convert NH4+ to NH3, followed by boiling and condensation of the ammonia NH3 gas in a receiving solution.


To quantify the amount of ammonia in the receiving solution. The amount of nitrogen in a sample can be calculated from the quantified amount of ammonia ions in the receiving solution.

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