Sampling Our Blue Planet

Seawater and environmental sample prep with reusable Amicon® Stirred Cells

For over 50 years, scientists have relied on Amicon® concentration and ultrafiltration tools for seawater sample preparation to study:

• Water pollution and mitigation

• Aquatic toxicology

• Bioaccumulation

• Biodiversity

• Microbiomes and environmental health.

Recent publications show that scientists and researchers heavily influence efforts for global climate change improvement. Their discoveries guide environmental awareness initiatives and regulations, affecting mandated local, regional, and country-specific testing and environmental health. Freshwater, seawater, soil, sludge, and other samples are studied and graded to track the Earth’s condition. Levels of pollutants, toxins, nanoparticles, genetic material, and proteins are assessed. These results are important for climate control and improvement, and findings may help to avert negative environmental impact.

Ultrafiltration (UF) methods have been incorporated into environmental research and monitoring workflows, with samples prepared from our Earth’s oceans, rivers, waterways, and soils. Small volume samples (0.5 – 70 mL) typically utilize centrifugal ultrafiltration (cUF) devices such as Amicon® Ultra filter units or centrifugal microfiltration (cMF), while large volume samples (up to 400 mL) are compatible with pressurized ultrafiltration (pUF) or pressurized microporous filtration (pMF) devices, such as Amicon® Stirred Cell assemblies.

Filtration techniques are widely used in assessing levels of pollutants and evaluating methods for removal, surveying biodiversity in our oceans, identifying biomolecular indicators in soil toxicity, measuring environmental antibiotic resistance, and other studies.

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