In vivo Imaging

Imaging Oncolytic Viral Infection in Cancer Cells: Learn how PerkinElmer's IVIS® optical platform was used to non-invasively access and quantify oncolytic viral infection in tumors using the Sinbus pseudovirus model carrying a firefly luciferase reporter gene to evaluate virus-host interactions in real-time.

Make Decisions Earlier in Drug Development With In vivo Fluorescence Imaging: Watch our webinar to find out how the use of NIR fluorescent probes and In vivo imaging have greatly impacted drug development by providing early detection of disease processes, drug efficacy, and drug-induced tissue injury.

High-Content Screening

Cell Painting - A Cell Imaging & Machine Learning Approach to Drug Discovery: In this white paper, learn about the origins of cell painting - a powerful application of high-content screening technology, which combines cell and computational biology to study cell behavior-, and its potential impact on the drug discovery paradigm.

Top Tips for a Successful HCS Assay with a 3D Cell Model System: In this new article, learn how to:

• Generate uniform 3D cell models

• Get the best quality images

• Minimize imaging time and volume of data

• Get deeper insights from your 3D cell model.

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