NEW: Semi-Automatic DK Series Digesters

Discover the New VELP DK Series of Semi-Automatic Digesters: Versatile, safe and precise block digesters for Kjeldahl analysis. The new DK Series Digesters consist of basic digestion blocks providing accuracy, high thermal homogeneity and minimum energy consumption.


With a new and intuitive interface, the latest DK Series Digesters provide digital displays to ensure maximum visibility with clear and easily legible information. Block temperatures are also adjustable and the electronic microprocessors guarantee temperature homogeneity.


The compact designs of the DK Series Digesters include a reduced footprint to optimize bench space. In addition, new aluminum block protection grids offer enhanced heating performance and protect the heating block from chemicals and spillage.

With the DKL Series of Automatic Digesters, manual operations are drastically reduced, thereby boosting lab productivity. The DKL Series Automatic Digesters, which include fully automated lift operation, have been designed to allow for unsupervised operation without compromising workflows or the accuracy of results. The ease of loading and unloading samples make the VELP DKL Automatic Digesters an ideal solution for carrying out Kjeldahl analysis.

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