From Immunoassays to a Commercial & Automated LC-MS/MS Assay for Immunosuppressants Analysis

DATE: Thursday, December 10, 2020

TIME: 16:00 AST | 17:00 GST

DURATION: 1 hour


Immunosuppressants are a core drug class for therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), with cyclosporin A, tacrolimus, sirolimus and everolimus being the most frequently used compounds in a clinical setting. A range of methods have been developed over the past few decades for TDM, leading to the most recent introduction of LC-MS/MS for research use through to CE-IVD certified assays. Thanks to an innovative integration and automation solution, the landscape is rapidly changing, making it easier to routinely use LC-MS/MS in the clinical laboratory.


Dr. Mosé Barbaro

Pharmacology & Toxicology Sector Manager

A.S.S.T. degli Spedali Civili di Brescia

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