Gulf Scientific Corporation (GSC) and Pion Inc. have announced a strategic distributor partnership, marking a significant development in the scientific community. This collaboration brings together GSC's extensive presence in the Gulf region and Pion Inc.'s ground-breaking solutions for pharmaceutical research and development. The objective of this partnership is to broaden access to cutting-edge scientific instruments and provide comprehensive support to researchers, scientists, and industries across diverse disciplines.

With a commitment to providing advanced scientific solutions, GSC has played a vital role in supporting innovation and progress in fields such as healthcare, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, whereas Pion Inc., a global leader in developing instrumentation and software for drug discovery and development, brings invaluable expertise in areas such as dissolution testing, pharmaceutical profiling, and formulation development.

By partnering with GSC, Pion Inc. gains access to an extensive network and an in-depth understanding of the local market, allowing them to effectively cater to customers in the Gulf region. Moreover, GSC's robust technical support and customer service capabilities will complement Pion Inc.'s offerings in the region.

Gulf Scientific Corporation Managing Director, Manaf Afyouni said:

"We are thrilled to announce a dynamic partnership between Gulf Scientific Corporation and Pion Inc., marking the beginning of an extraordinary journey, and forging a powerful alliance in pursuit of innovation and progress. This collaboration represents a remarkable union of expertise and innovation, and together, we will unlock new frontiers, break barriers, and drive advancements that will revolutionize the scientific landscape."

Pion Inc. President & CEO, Brian Dutko, said:

"Our recent collaboration with Gulf Scientific Corporation (GSC) marks an important milestone in our mission to revolutionize scientific exploration. By combining Pion Inc.'s cutting-edge technology and Gulf Scientific Corporation's extensive industry expertise, we are forging a formidable alliance that will accelerate breakthrough discoveries and drive innovation to new heights. Together, we will unlock untapped potential, redefine scientific possibilities, and create a lasting impact in various fields."

About Pion Inc.

Since 1989, Pion has served drug & food researchers, formulators, and manufacturers globally where data quality, accuracy and reproducibility are valued components of a product development process. The company has a proven legacy of product innovation which allows them to offer a unique portfolio of scientific instruments that address R&D, formulation, and manufacturing challenges.

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