Introducing MyMilli-Q™

Would you like to track your water systems’ service history and schedule maintenance visits more efficiently? Gulf Scientific Corporation, a proud partner of Merck KGaA, offers the latest digital breakthrough, MyMilli-Q: your digital gateway to more efficient water system management, remote monitoring and support, and faster access to the data you need to keep your lab working at maximum productivity.

Simplify Care of Your Milli-Q® Water System

Here are some of the tasks you can accomplish by simply logging into your MyMilli-Q™ account:

  • Track service history
  • Download service reports
  • Schedule maintenance visits
  • Track consumable orders
  • View contract details
  • Renew your service plan
  • Contact Milli-Q® Services

MyMilli-Q™ Remote Care: System Monitoring & Service Feature

MyMilli-Q™ Remote Care monitoring and service capability supports your lab’s maximum productivity. Integrated in all Milli-Q's high-flow water purification systems, MyMilli-Q™ Remote Care operates as an embedded extension of Milli-Q® Services. Watch the video to see how you can ensure your lab’s work never stops flowing.

MyMilli-Q™ Activation is Easy

To access MyMilli-Q™ digital services, complete the form below or simply speak to your Milli-Q® representative. The service is available for all systems with a Milli-Q® Service Plan and systems under warranty.

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