Introducing the New Waters ACQUITY RDa™ Detector

Increase productivity, improve data confidence and simplify routine accurate mass workflows with the new Waters ACQUITY RDa™ Detector. Compact, compliance-ready and easy-to-use, this LC-MS system ensures your entire laboratory can easily access high resolution mass measurements to instantly start working smarter, not harder. In addition, the SmartMS™-enabled ACQUITY RDa Detector quickly generates high quality accurate mass datasets in busy and diverse labs, providing confidence in your data.

SmartMS™: Accessible & Accurate Mass Measurements

Enhance your laboratory credentials, improve efficiency and increase productivity with a simple compliance-ready SmartMS™ solution. The ACQUITY RDa Detector, coupled with the ACQUITY UPLC I-Class PLUS with optional TUV or PDA detectors, is built for the Waters connect platform and uses small molecule workflows for informed, smart decision-making. Applications include:

• Pharmaceuticals: Quickly characterize unexpected chromatographic peaks, limiting disruption in development.

• Academia: Publish impactful research with easy access to accurate mass measurements.

• Natural Product Screening: Evaluate outcomes without the need for a MS expert, using end-to-end robust, reliable workflows.

• Forensics: Accelerate your laboratory’s turnaround times for seized drug sample analysis with comprehensive screening.

• Food & Environmental: Establish the integrity of food efficiently with an accessible accurate mass LC-MS system.

A Smarter Solution for Your Lab


Identify analytes with speed using accurate, reproducible mass measurements, giving you confidence in your results day in, day out.


Intelligent diagnostics monitor the system's health and if necessary, provide guidance on resolving any problems, reducing downtime and ensuring consistent results that accelerate decision-making.


The intuitive interface and one-button start-up on this compliance-ready, compact system reduces training time in your laboratory.


Immediate access to high resolution mass measurements reduces the need to outsource high resolution measurements, resulting in time, cost, and productivity efficiencies.

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