From basic research and drug discovery to the development and manufacturing of new, significant drugs and clinical treatments, PerkinElmer is helping researchers accelerate the discovery-to-commercialization process, bringing better medicines to market faster. With a comprehensive portfolio from detection and imaging solutions to informatics and services, PerkinElmer's forward-minded ideation to advance research possibilities have enabled many methods that once took weeks to perform to now be accomplished in a matter of hours.



In Vivo Imaging Solutions

High-Content Screening



In Vivo Imaging Solutions

Tracking, monitoring, and visualizing biological processes and disease progression is key to not only helping you better understand biology, it is also crucial in evaluating the effectiveness of your potential drug candidates earlier in the development process. In vivo imaging plays a profound role in advancing researchers’ understanding of molecular and physiological research across a broad range of disease models, as well as accelerating preclinical development of therapeutics in a non-invasive manner and in real-time.

High-Content Screening

High-content screening (HCS) has played a significant role in infectious disease research and drug discovery to date and can be a strong tool in the age of COVID-19 and beyond. PerkinElmer's imaging and high-content analysis solutions play a vital role in infectious disease research such as enabling high-throughput functional and phenotypic assays that can be adapted to a wide range of pathogens. 

Plate Readers

A powerful and reliable plate reader is what you need for your scientific breakthroughs or delivering new drugs and therapeutic treatments to market. It is a crucial component and workhorse for every lab to identify the ideal drug compound to advance it from discovery to development to manufacturing. PerkinElmer's multimode microplate readers offer all major detections such as Absorbance, Alpha, Luminescence, Fluorescence Intensity, Fluorescence Polarization, and Time-Resolved Fluorescence, all in one instrument.



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