New Partnership Announcement

Gulf Scientific Corporation (GSC) is pleased to announce a partnership with G2V Optics for distribution of its advanced spectral technology. G2V Optics (G2V) was founded to apply innovative technology and data-driven, collaborative design toward solutions for this generation’s global issues. Starting with the highest precision spectral replication ever produced, G2V provides a suite of advanced lighting, monitoring, and data science products to push the boundaries of renewable energy research, material science, and modern horticulture.


Pico™ Small Area LED Solar Simulator

G2V Optics has crafted the Pico™ LED small area solar simulator to provide truly controllable illumination, complete with software-controlled spectra, traceable calibration, all with no bulbs, filters, or moving parts. The Pico is a research-grade instrument suitable for testing any photosensitive materials or processes, including solar cells, sunscreen, plastics, photochromic devices, photochemical processes, environmental degradation, aerospace materials, and more.

Sunbrick™ Large Area Solar Simulator

Using advanced LED-driven illumination, the Sunbrick™ makes large-area solar simulation quick and easy. Whether you need illumination in a confined space or in your entire testing facility, the Sunbrick can provide the high-quality solar simulation solution you need. Each brick illuminates a 25 x 25 cm area with a 50 cm working distance. Multiple Sunbricks are easily mounted and networked together in arrays to provide illumination as large as required.

Minimal Warm-up Time

No Bulb Replacement

No Explosive Bulb Failure

No Manual Calibration

Features Programmable Spectra

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