AMSE is a provider of material characterization instruments with a particular focus on polymers. It specializes in the supply of material testing equipment, measuring systems, and technical services with the aim of enhancing research and development (R&D) and quality control (QC) laboratories.


Physical & Mechanical Test 

  • Pendulum Charpy/ Izod: For use in the determination of polymer resilience.  

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Tester: For use in plastic pipes testing.

  • Ball Drop: For use in impact resistance of plastic films.

  • Tear Tester for Plastic Film.

  • Environmental Stress Cracking Test (ESCT).

  • Full Notch Creep Tester.

  • Laboratory Balances: Includes semi-Micro; analytical; top-loading; and moisture analyzers. 

  • Textile & Shoes Testing Equipment. 

  • Wheatering Tester: Includes UV and Xenon Chambers. 



Sample Preparation

  • Automatic & Manual Notching Machines.

  • Automatic & Manual Hollow Die Punch: Includes dies that follow international standards.


Rheological Test   

  • Melt Flow Tester.  





Thermal Testers  

  • HDT/VICAT: For use in the determination of bending/ softening of temperature polymers.

  • Muffle Furnace.

  • Forced Ventilation Oven.

  • Natural Air Convection Oven.

  • Cryostatic Bath for Specimen Conditioning.


Fire Test 

  • Flammability Meter (in accordance with UL94).

  • Oxygen & Temperature Index.

  • Smoke Density Chamber.




Electrical Test 

  • Tracking Index.

  • Glow Wire.

  • Teraohemmeter.