CEM is a leading provider of microwave instrumentation for analytical and synthetic chemistry applications. Its products are used globally for quality control processes, chemical analysis, and the synthesis of therapeutic drugs. Since 1978, many companies around the world have benefited from CEM’s faster, easier, and more efficient technologies.

Compositional Analysis

Browse the latest innovations for Fat Analysis and Moisture & Solids Analysis based on CEM’s unique analyzers. CEM’s diverse compositional analyzers can be used in a range of food sample types such as meat, processed foods, dairy, and animal feeds. In addition, the analyzers can also be used for non-food applications, including chemicals, personal care, and wastewater.  

Sample Preparation

CEM offers a range of solutions for Ashing, Solvent Extraction, and Microwave Digestion, including the most advanced microwave systems and vessels available for acid digestion. With a range of sample types, CEM’s Sample Preparation solutions can be used for a wide spectrum of applications, including environmental and regulatory, food, plant and animal tissue, inorganic compounds, oils and plastics, and more. 


Nearly any type of synthetic chemistry can be performed with CEM Microwave reactors. Scientists in both academia or industry can realize shorter reaction times, improved yield, and access to new chemical space as compared to conventional oil baths and hot plates. Additionally, CEM’s microwave technology enables optimized Peptide Synthesis methodology. 



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