Since 1999, Eurotech Extrusion Machinery SRL (EUR.EX.MA) has been a provider of solutions to laboratories and R&D facilities that specialize in the production, manufacturing and processing of thermoplastic materials, including complete lines for industrial production. Headquartered and manufactured in Italy, EUR.EX.MA also specializes in small and medium scale machinery. 


Microex includes a range of benchtop extruder products designed to replicate extrusion processes with the smallest dimensions. Microex machines are available for many processes such as blown film, cast film, compounding, 3D filament and fibers. All machines are equipped with 7” touchscreens, full machine control, LAN connections and export data with USB ports.

Laboratory Extruders

The XTR Series Extruders are available in different versions to accommodate a range of processes and downstream equipment. Additionally, a variety of screw profiles enable the process of multiple types of polymers. The XTR Series are used in EUR.EX.MA’s pilot plant. For laboratory use, the gearbox is customized to allow the extraction of the screw from the back of the extruder, making cleaning operations and the replacement of the screw easier. 



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