GenapSys™ has developed a novel electrical-based platform capable of accurately detecting single-base incorporations. The semiconductor chip-based detection modality allows the system to be compact, scalable, and affordable. The GenapSys platform has been successfully demonstrated in a range of applications that include targeted sequencing to elucidate both germline and somatic mutations, as well as sequencing a range of small genomes.


Update your expectations about how accurate, scalable and affordable DNA sequencing can be. The GenapSys Sequencer is based on our novel and robust sequencing technology. The GenapSys Sequencing Prep System replaces the manual clonal amplification step in the GenapSys Sequencer workflow with a load-and-go process that automates template preparation and enrichment in one device. 


GenapSys™ has developed a novel, scalable, low cost NGS platform that is capable of generating accurate sequence information needed for a range of applications, including Variant Calling, Oncology Research, Small Genome Sequencing and SARS-CoV-2 Sequencing.



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