Luminex Corporation develops, manufactures, and markets biological testing technologies in the clinical diagnostic and life science industries. Its flow cytometers and cellular analysis instruments provide instant access to all facets of cellular phenotypes and morphology.

  • Non-Imaging Flow Cytometers
  • Imaging Flow Cytometers
Non-Imaging Flow Cytometers
Guava® Muse® Cell Analyzers

The Muse® Cell Analyzer packs 3-parameter analysis into a compact, easy to use benchtop device, making flow cytometry accessible to anyone, at any time.

Guava® easyCyte™ Benchtop Flow Cytometers

easyCyte™ benchtop flow cytometers, featuring patented microcapillary fluidics and up to 3 lasers, generate accurate absolute cell counts, consume few samples, produce low waste, and are easy to use and maintain.

Amnis CellStream® Benchtop Flow Cytometers

CellStream® benchtop flow cytometers, featuring patented Amnis optics technology and up to 7 lasers, deliver unparalleled sensitivity plus flexibility to customize and expand the system according to each user’s research needs and budget.

Imaging Flow Cytometers
Amnis® FlowSight® Imaging Flow Cytometer

The FlowSight Imaging Flow Cytometer provides exceptional sensitivity, as well as images of every cell in up to 10 fluorescent channels at up to 4,000 events per second. A proprietary CCD camera, coupled with patented detection technology, yields fluorescence sensitivity that is at least ten times that of PMT-based flow cytometers across all channels.

ImageStream®X Mk II Imaging Flow Cytometer

The revolutionary ImageStream®X Mk II Imaging Flow Cytometer combines the speed, sensitivity, and phenotyping abilities of flow cytometry with the detailed imagery and functional insights of microscopy. This unique combination enables a broad range of applications that would be impossible using either technique alone.



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