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Research scientists can gain significant insights into the complexities of biology and disease with PerkinElmer’s powerful imaging platforms. Be it in vivo imaging or high-content analysis, PerkinElmer’s imaging solutions allow you to measure cellular and biological events, providing information rich datasets to streamline and accelerate basic research and drug discovery.


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High-Content Screening




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In vivo Imaging Systems

Whether you’re trying to better understand biology pathways, monitor disease progression, or evaluate potential drug candidates earlier in the development process, PerkinElmer’s portfolio of preclinical in vivo imaging solutions – from standalone optical and microCT imaging, to integrated systems – are designed to meet your needs.

High-Content Screening Instruments

With more than a decade of experience in this field, PerkinElmer provides a portfolio of high-content screening products – imaging instruments, software, automation, fluorescent probes and microplates – to help you answer complex biological questions. Both Opera Phenix® Plus and Operetta™ CLS high-content imaging systems incorporate confocal spinning disk technology and produce images of exceptional quality. From basic research to assay development and screening, PerkinElmer’s high-content analysis products are designed to help you take your research further, in less time than ever before.

Microplate Readers

PerkinElmer’s multimode, microplate readers cater for all major detections such as, Absorbance, Alpha, Luminescence, Fluorescence Intensity, Fluorescence Polarization, and Time-Resolved Fluorescence, all in one instrument. In addition to the detection technologies, PerkinElmer’s EnSight™ multimode plate reader also offers fast well-imaging so you can perform target-based and phenotypic screening to gain valuable insights from different perspectives.

Reagents, Consumables & Chemicals

Browse PerkinElmer’s reagents for in vivo imaging solutions, as well as high-content screening analysis. In addition, PerkinElmer offers a range of consumables and chemicals for life science research applications.



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