Bridging the gap between in vitro experiments and in vivo outcomes

Get better in vitro/in vivo correlation (IVIVC) and PhysioChemical Indicators for solubility, absorption, and permeability. Accelerate your pharmaceutical formulation development with next-generation technology. As a leading analytical instrument company, Pion supports your research with in vitro scientific instruments, analytical services, and equipment to deliver the accuracy of results required for more predictive decision-making in the drug development process.

Dissolution Testing / Pharmaceutical Applications

Dissolution analysis, including USP dissolution, is crucial to effective drug development. Yet, traditional dissolution approaches can be inefficient and time-consuming, delaying progress and consuming resources. Pion dissolution testing equipment is engineered to support every step of the drug development process.


In vitro Imaging & Testing

The role of biopharmaceutical analysis has grown rapidly in the past 30 years, driven by the discovery of new molecules and innovative therapies. However, drug form and formulation can both impact release and absorption, and scientists need new ways to understand and predict these effects. Pion is a true pioneer in in vitro drug testing, with an innovative and ever-growing range of specialist instruments.


Physicochemical Analysis Tools

The results of PhysChem analysis form the foundations on which much of the process of drug development is based. Expertise in PhysChem analysis is also one of the principles on which Pion was founded and where we’ve continued to build our reputation. Pion's key strengths in PhysChem Analysis include ionization, pKa, LogP, Solubility, Dissolution and Permeability.


Sample Preparation

Solutions for extraction and mixing, sample preparation, content uniformity, impurity, and assay development. Quickly becoming a standard with pharmaceutical and companies of all sizes. Pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical and cannabis industry customers benefit from richer, more relevant insights about product behavior and ideal formulation conditions.


Remote Monitoring Systems

Laboratories can be harsh environments. Designed to fit your lab, our cameras are specifically designed to be right at home in difficult surroundings. All recordings are further protected, traceable, and secure, within a command center. A built-in scheduler makes recording and organizing your visual data easy. Within minutes, Pion's cameras can be placed in your lab and and will start gathering valuable data.




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