Analytical Instruments

Founded in 1983, VELP Scientifica is a provider of analytical instruments and solutions that continues to impact the global market with its Italian-made products renowned for innovation, style and use of premium-grade material. A leader in the sector of laboratory instruments, VELP offers a range of analytical and laboratory instrumentation.

  •        Oxidation Stability
  • Elemental Analyzers
  • Digestion Units
  • Distillation Units
  • Solvent Extractor
  • Fiber Analyzers
  • Dietary Fiber Analyzers
       Oxidation Stability
OXITEST Oxidation Stability Reactor

VELP Scientifica’s OXITEST is an innovative solution for accelerated shelf-life studies, which provides critical information about fat oxidation processes on different types of samples that contain oils and fat. It is designed to predict the shelf-life of a product without running full-length storage and expensive chemical or physical trials.

Elemental Analyzers

VELP Scientifica’s elemental analyzers are ideal solutions for the determination of carbon and nitrogen in compliance with the combustion method for testing of both solid and liquid samples.

  • Dumas Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer
  • Carbon / Nitrogen Elemental Analyzer
  • Consumables
Dumas Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer
NDA 701 Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer

NDA 701 Dumas elemental analyzer is the best solution for a high throughput lab in need of a fast and safe analyzer. It is powered by the DUMASoftTM software and produces N/Protein results in just 3-4 minutes while unsupervised.

NDA 702 Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer

A versatile and cloud-enabled Dumas protein/ nitrogen analyzer, the NDA 702 is able to perform precise nitrogen analysis and protein determination using either Helium or Argon as carrier gas.

Carbon / Nitrogen Elemental Analyzer
CN 802 Carbon Nitrogen Analyzer

The CN 802 a robust and flexible combustion analyzer that works in accordance with official reference methods for the determination of carbon and nitrogen in many industrial sectors such as agriculture, environmental, food and feed, and chemical.

Consumables for Elemental Analyzers

VELP Scientifica offers a wide range of high performance consumables for routine operation and maintenance of the NDA analyzer including high quality quartz reactors, metallic reactors, ash collector, capsules, reagents and catalysts of efficient performance and long life, standard for calibrating the instrument (EDTA, 9.57% N), o-rings, seals and fittings.

Digestion Units

Digesters are widely used instruments in laboratories performing analysis for diversified applications in food and feed, beverage (nitrogen, protein, total Kjeldahl nitrogen), environmental (COD, total Kjeldahl nitrogen, heavy metal trace analysis), chemical and pharmaceutical (orgacxnic nitrogen) industries. DKL digesters work in accordance with a variety of standards, including AOAC, ISO, EPA, DIN etc…

  • Automatic Digestion Unit
  • Semi-Automatic Digestion Unit
Automatic Digestion Unit

8 positions for 250 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm

DKL 12

12 positions for both 250 and 400 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm

DKL 20

20 positions for both 250 and 400 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm

DKL 42/26

42 positions for 100 ml test tubes, Ø 26 mm.

Semi-Automatic Digestion Unit
DK Series

The DK Series of semi-automatic digesters is available in the following configurations:

  • DK 6 (6 positions with 250 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm)
  • DK 6/48 (6 positions with 300 ml tubes, Ø 48 mm)
  • DK 8 (8 positions with 250 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm)
  • DK 20 (20 positions with 250 ml test tubes, Ø 42 mm)
  • DK 18/26 (18 positions with 100 ml tubes, Ø 26 mm)
  • DK 42/26 (42 positions with 100 ml test tubes, Ø 26 mm)

All models can be configured according to each user’s application needs. Users may also choose the more practical systems, which include all the necessary accessories and test tubes with a single code.

Distillation Units

VELP Scientifica offer a range of distillation units that perform nitrogen analysis and protein determination according to the Kjeldahl method used in the food and feed industries. Other applications include environmental and chemical. Products include:

UDK 169 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer with AutoKjel Autosampler

The UDK 169 is fully automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer (distillation unit plus integrated colorimetric titrator) with connection to an autosampler for high sample throughput, maximum flexibility and unattended operation.

UDK 159 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

The completely automatic Kjeldahl distillation and titration system provides optimal performance and safety for its users.

UDK 149 Automatic Kjeldahl Analyzer

The automatic Kjeldahl distillation unit UDK 149 can be connected to several models of external potentiometric titrators for direct output of the final result and offering choice and versatility to the user.

Kjeldahl Consumables

Genuine Catalyst tablets KjTabs™, Vreceiver™ Boric Acid powder formula with indicators and Nitrogen-free Weighing Boats for reliable Kjeldahl analysis.

Solvent Extractor
  • Automatic Solvent Extractor
  • Semi-Automatic Extractors
  • Hydrolysis
  • Consumables
Automatic Solvent Extractor
SER 158 Series

The SER 158 Series of automatic solvent extractors are fully automatic and cloud-enabled extractors available in 3 and 6 positions that guarantee security, accuracy, and precision in the determination of extractable matter according to the Randall and Twisselmann methods. The SER 158 complies with international standards, including AOAC, ISO, EPA, APHA, UNI.

Semi-Automatic Extractors
SER 148 Series

The SER 148 Series of solvent extraction are suitable for the separation of a substance or a group of elements from solid and semi-solid samples according to the Randall technique.

HU 6 Hydrolysis Unit

The HU6 is an optimal solution for the acid/ basic hydrolysis of food and feed samples prior to solvent extraction of total fat analysis.

Solvent Extractors Consumables

A complete set of cups, thimbles and gaskets guaranteeing maximum performance for solvent extractors.

Fiber Analyzers
  • Automatic Fiber Analyzer
  • Semi-Automatic Fiber Analyzer
  • Cold Extraction
Automatic Fiber Analyzer
FIWE Advance Automatic Fiber Analyzer

The fully automatic analyzer for crude and detergent fiber determination according to official reference methods requiring minimum operator time with a unique user interface and cloud connectivity.

Semi-Automatic Fiber Analyzer
FIWE Semi-Automatic Fiber Analyzer

The FIWE 3 and FIWE 6 fiber analyzer models use pre-heated reagents for fiber analysis in accordance with the Weende, Van Soest, and other official methods.

Cold Extraction
COEX Cold Extractor

The COEX cold extractor performs rapid fat extraction on feed samples directly in the FIWE Advance and FIWE glass crucibles.

Dietary Fiber Analyzers
  • Enzymatic Digester
  • Filtration Unit
Enzymatic Digester
GDE Enzymatic Digester

The analytical procedure for the determination of dietary fiber involves a series of digestions of the sample by thermostable enzymes using the enzymatic digester GDE, which operates in accordance with the official AOAC method for the determination of total dietary fiber. 

Filtration Unit
CSF6 Filtration Unit

The CSF6 is a rapid and efficient filtration unit for dietary fiber extraction. Once the samples have been processed by the GDE Enzymatic Digester, the CSF6 become an optimal choice for efficient filtration.



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