For over half a century, Vinci Technologies has been manufacturing sophisticated high pressure and high temperature equipment for the oil and gas industry. Vinci Technologies provides geologists with the necessary tools to test petroleum, rock and fluids from wells. It also specializes in the design and construction of pilot plants to simulate refining and petrochemical processes.

  • PVT Productions & Experiments
  • Core Analysis
  • Core Preparation
  • Fluid Sampling
  • Thin Section Preparation Tools
  • Flow Assurance
PVT Productions & Experiments

Visual Fluid-Eval PVT

The Visual Fluid-Eval PVT system performs hydrocarbon phase behavior studies at reservoir-representative conditions of pressure and temperature. Characterized by a full visual cell, the apparatus warrants excellent reliability on black oil, volatile oil and gas condensate samples. 

Educational PVT Cell for Phase Behavior Analysis

The Educational Fluid Eval is a compact PVT cell designed for small volume PVT, thermodynamic properties and phase behavior studies of black oil and gas condensate samples. It is cost effective and perfectly suited for educational and research institutions.

Mobile Fluid Eval

The elegant yet robust mobile Fluid Eval PVT system adequately performs PVT studies in a laboratory or under the harsh site conditions, e.g. dust, vibrations, temperature fluctuations etc. The system utilizes an embedded high-pressure pump to control and monitor the fluid’s pressure and volume within the cell.

Capillary Viscometer (CAVIS)

The CAVIS high-pressure capillary viscometer accurately determines the viscosity of single phase reservoir fluids. The computer-controlled instrument consists of a high-pressure opposed pump, two highly accurate pressure transducers, an isothermal convection air bath and a capillary tube.

Core Analysis

Routine Core Analysis

Unsteady State Relative Permeameter

Core Preparation

Core Cutting Tools

Core Saturation Tools

Core Cleaning Tools

Fluid Sampling

Micro High Pressure Piston Sample Cylinder (MHP Series)

Thin Section Preparation Tools

Thin Section Preparation Tools

Flow Assurance

Flow Assurance System (FLASS)



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