Webinar: Quantifying Dynamic Processes in Single Cells

DATE: March 10, 2021

TIME: 18:00 AST | 19:00 GST

OVERVIEW: Cells are in constant flux. Proliferation, growth, morphogenesis, migration, and differentiation occur across different time scales ranging from seconds to weeks. Measuring cellular processes over time is critical to fundamental research, understanding the basis of disease, and drug discovery.


Join our webinar on Wednesday, March 10th, featuring Prof. Chris Bakal to learn more about the benefits and challenges of imaging cellular processes over time; experimental set-up for dynamic imaging assays, as well as keeping cells ‘happy’ over hours/days; the latest reporters to measure signaling events over time; and data acquisition, analysis, and visualization for live cell imaging assays.


Prof. Chris Bakal's laboratory research is aimed at understanding how changes in cell shape drive tumorigenesis and metastasis, and how cell shape can be used as a diagnostic tool. He has pioneered the use of quantitative technologies to describe how signaling network activity is coupled to dynamic changes in cancer cell shape.

Chris Bakal

Professor of Cancer Morphodynamics

Institute of Cancer Research, London, UK

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