Founded in 1993, Applied Spectral Imaging (ASI) is a multinational biomedical company that develops and manufactures microscopy imaging and digital diagnostics solutions for hospitals, service laboratories and research centers.


ASI’s imaging solutions support multiple applications and workflows for Cytogenetic laboratories. HiBand provides digital chromosome analysis, featuring computer-aided counting, indexing and karyotyping, as well as automated unattended scanning. HiFISH is an industry-leading solution for digital FISH diagnostics, providing powerful algorithms for accurate classification, start & walkaway scanning and onscreen review for significantly improved user experience. CytoPower is our all-in-one imaging and analysis solution for digital karyotyping and FISH diagnostics.


ASI’s Digital Pathology Portfolio provides the necessary tools pathologists need in order to meet the growing demands of modern pathology. HiPath Pro provides increased accuracy and standardization through digital IHC scoring and Whole Slide Imaging. PathFusion supports digital FISH analysis and tissue matching, leading to increased diagnostic confidence for pathologists.



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