DNA Script was created to revolutionize DNA writing with enzymes. Their core R&D efforts have produced innovations in enzyme engineering, surface and nucleotide chemistries, and instrumentation. The integration of these innovations has resulted in SYNTAX, the world’s first benchtop DNA printer powered by enzymatic technology. With advancement and innovation, DNA Script’s enzymatic DNA synthesis technology is poised to become a major engine of genomics research and personalized medicine.


The First DNA Printer Powered by Enzymatic DNA Synthesis

DNA Script introduces a new paradigm in DNA synthesis, the SYNTAX System, powered by Enzymatic DNA Synthesis (EDS) technology to accelerate innovation. Designed for easeof-use, productivity, convenience, control, and confidentiality, the SYNTAX System enables automated nucleic acid synthesis on your benchtop in your lab. With same-day synthesis and a menu of modifications, researchers can access oligos for a range of molecular biology and genomics workflows anytime, eliminate bottlenecks in productivity, and iterate rapidly to accelerate innovation. Welcome to the bio-revolution.


More than ever before, science and innovation are in a race for results, whether it is an upcoming scientific publication, a new diagnostic test or even a vaccine. Researchers need to get there faster, and the SYNTAX Kits enable users to print DNA for a wide range of genomics and synthetic biology applications and accelerate their development workflows.




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