Asuragen is a biotechnology company based in Austin, Texas that specializes in diagnostics and therapeutics. It offers a range of technologies, including molecular diagnostic products that provide identification of genetic abnormalities associated with oncology and genetic diseases. Asuragen also provides RNA-related services and PCR kits designed for protein detection.


The AmplideX® suite of products is designed to solve unmet testing needs in inherited genetic disorders. The technology overcame a 20-year challenge by reliably amplifying the FMR1 gene. It allowed researchers to gain a deeper understanding of fragile X syndrome, the most common known inherited cause of intellectual disability and autism. Asuragen has also pioneered innovation in other major areas.


The Asuragen Oncology portfolio uses proprietary molecular chemistry and informatics solutions to deliver critical clinical research insights that drive the evolution of therapy, patient monitoring and precision medicine. The QuantideX® suite of products employs molecular methods ranging from qPCR to NGS to help advance our understanding of cancer. Our approach is to selectively deploy the right technology for the right result.



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