Thermo Fisher Scientific provides innovative Affymetrix products, tools, and resources that help advance the work of researchers via microarray analysis. Application areas that benefit from such an approach include plant and animal genomics and transcriptomics, including basic research and industrial application of technologies for breeding, population diversity and conservation, trait analysis, and more. Unique solutions are also available for cancer research from discovery to clinical research and validation, such as cytogenetics research of constitutional and cancer disorders. The genetics of human complex traits, Mendelian disorders, and populations are also application arrays that can be advanced with Affymetrix microarray analysis, such as through population-optimized and application-optimized genotyping to enable human genetic research workflows.

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Microarray Instruments
GeneTitan™ Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument

Transform your lab with a GeneTitan™ instrument and experience the superior power of streamlining array processing for discovery, exploration, and screening. Both the GeneTitan Instrument for expression applications and the GeneTitan™ Multi-Channel (MC) Instrument for expression and genotyping seamlessly integrate hybridization, washing, and imaging in a single instrument to provide automated array processing—whether you are performing basic or applied research.

GeneChip™ System

The GeneChip™ System is a fully integrated platform for conducting your research using GeneChip brand probe arrays. The Applied Biosystems GeneChip Scanner 3000 7G combines advanced design with high-resolution scanning and automation to dramatically improve efficiency in gene expression and genetic analysis applications. The instrument includes design advancements to provide improved ease of use and true walk-away freedom dramatically improving efficiency in your genetic analysis.

Axiom Biobank™ Genotyping Solution

The Applied Biosystems™ Axiom™ Biobank Genotyping Solution is the platform of choice for large-scale genotyping studies. Scientists from many of the world’s largest population genetics epidemiology projects have chosen Thermo Fisher Scientific as their partner to tailor the array design for their studies. The Axiom™ Biobank Genotyping Solution offers a cost-effective and comprehensive platform for all stages of research.


The Applied Biosystems™ PharmacoScan Solution™ offers broad coverage of industry-relevant, multiethnic content, and the capability to address markers in complex genes on the array-plate platform that has superior lot-to-lot reproducibility. The PharmacoScan Solution targets functional variations in all the key genes involved in the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion (ADME) of commonly prescribed medication that can help reduce the lengthy timelines and complexities within the drug discovery process. The PharmacoScan Array plates are processed in the GeneTitan™ MC Instrument.


Agrigenomics genotyping solutions provide breeders and researchers with a powerful and flexible range of genotyping tools to cost-effectively identify, validate, and screen complex genetic traits in plants and animals. Applied Biosystems’ portfolio of robust, highly reproducible, and scalable products facilitates marker-assisted selection, genome-wide association studies, quantitative trait loci analyses, parentage, and traceability, all of which help fast track your genomic selection programs.

CarrierScan™ Assay

The Applied Biosystems™ CarrierScan™ Assay is an innovative, comprehensive, and high-throughput microarray-based tool for the reliable and robust detection of sequence and structural variation of preconception expanded carrier screening research across a wide range of ethnicities. The unique feature of this tool is the ability to consolidate multiple copy number and genotyping tests into a single molecular assay.

Axiom™ Microbiome Array

The Axiom™ Microbiome Array researchers to detect all known microorganisms in a sample with a single assay. Designed in collaboration with the Lawrence Livermore National Library, the Axiom Microbiome Array provides species- and strain- level detection on a scalable platform with straightforward, easy-to-use software.

Axiom™ Precision Medicine Array

The Applied Biosystems™ Axiom™ Precision Medicine Research Array (PMRA) delivers a cost effective, broad population screening platform with proven clinical research utility. Powered by the Axiom Genotyping Solution and used by biobanks worldwide, the Axiom PMRA includes carefully selected, clinically significant pathogenic variants including those implicated for actionable genetic risks across a wide range of populations.

Clariom™ D Solution

Accelerate your biomarker research with the Applied Biosystems™ Clariom™ D Solutions, which offer the next generation of transcriptome-level profiling tools. The Clariom D solutions provide a highly detailed view of the transcriptome for a faster path to biomarker discovery.

CytoScan™ HD Array Kit and Reagent Kit

The Applied Biosystems™ CytoScan™ HD Suite, which comprises microarrays, reagents, and analysis software, is a comprehensive, high-resolution whole-genome solution designed to assist in the understanding and characterization of biomarkers in hematological malignancies. It offers accurate analysis of markers for disease evaluation, prognosis, or prediction of response to therapy in one single assay. 

CytoScan™ Optima Suite

CytoScan™ Optima Suite has been designed with input from the cytogenetics community worldwide and empirically optimized from CytoScan HD Suite. CytoScan Optima Array offers whole-genome coverage for accurate detection of chromosomal abnormalities with increased probe coverage targeting 396 relevant regions for prenatal and miscarriage applications.

OncoScan Console 1.3 Software

OncoScan Console 1.3 Software provides quality control (QC) and data summaries for OncoScan FFPE Assay Kit and OncoScan CNV FFPE Assay Kit.

Chromosome Analysis Suite

Chromosome Analysis Suite software offers an intuitive and flexible workflow for genetic analysis and is specially tailored for cytogenetic use.



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