Waters Corporation is the world’s leading specialty measurement company focused on improving human health and well-being through the application of high-value analytical technologies and industry leading scientific expertise.

Liquid Chromatography (LC)

Scientists across many industries rely on Waters LC and LC-MS platforms to identify and understand chemical components that help answer their important questions: Is the product safe? Can the disease be understood? Can I meet my regulatory requirements? With Waters as your measurement partner, you’re sure to get the tailored solution you need to achieve your workflow and analysis requirements. Find out more about Waters LC solutions that are purpose-built for your needs.


Mass Spectrometry (MS)

Waters mass spectrometers provide you with the tools to confidently identify and quantify unknown compounds in complex samples, and confirm trace components at the lowest possible levels. Instrumentation that allows you to comprehensively catalog complex samples in a single analysis is now available.


Informatics & Software

Waters Laboratory Informatics Software provides a powerful suite of solutions for instrument control, scientific data management, scientific search, network integration, and compliance management to streamline analytical laboratory operations. Waters’ Informatics solutions have helped leading pharmaceutical, environmental, food & beverage, and chemical materials organizations reduce costs, accelerate decision making, improve laboratory effectiveness, and get products to market faster.


Columns, Consumables & Supplies

Gulf Scientific Corporation offers a wide range of Waters' columns, consumables and other supplies.



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