COVID-19 Innovations by Merck

From supplying raw materials and research solutions for detection and characterization to vaccine development and production, Merck offers a wide range of products to support the response to the COVID-19 outbreak. We are committed to providing researchers with the solutions, reagents and technical expertise to combat the spread of the pandemic.

SARS-CoV-2 Detection & Characterization Research Solutions

qPCR Detection Kits

Custom services to detect a broad range of SARS-CoV-2 variants, including:

• RNB100 GenElute Total RNA Purification Kit

• Merck and CDC Probes & Primers

• KCQSOX KiCqStart0 One-Step Probe RT-qPCR ReadyMix.

Reagents for Kits

Manufacturing A wide range of products for development, including:

• ELISA Kits

• Rapid Assays

• Sigma RT-qPCR Kits

• IFA Kits.

SMCxPRO: With the SMCxPRO platform you can detect extremely low-levels of established disease biomarkers, capturing concentrations down to the femtogram/mL level, and as a result monitor small changes in protein concentrations to accurately measure biomarkers associated with disease progression.

Milliplex Multiplex Panels for Research Applications in COVID-19: Hyperinflammatory patient response to COVID-19 can lead to cytokine storm syndrome (CSS) with significant impact on disease severity. Cytokines and Milliplex multiplex cytokine/chemokine detection panels provide comprehensive understanding of the inflammatory response for both human and non-human primate samples. 

Supporting Reagents for Manufacturing

We also offer an extensive list of SARS-CoV-2 workflow tools such as ancillary reagents and consumables.

Centricon® Plus-70 for COVID-19 Wastewater Applications

Large Volume Concentration - Concentration of Proteins & Viruses

The Centricon® Plus-70 centrifugal filter is designed for rapid processing of aqueous biological solutions in volumes ranging from 15 to 70 mL. Centricon® Plus-70 filters concentrate most 70 mL solutions down to 350 μL in as little as 25 minutes. Samples are typically concentrated in the 50X to 200X range, depending on the sample type and starting sample volume. These units are a convenient alternative to dialysis, lyophilization, precipitation techniques or stirred cells.  

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