Live Webinar: Take Control of Your Elemental Impurities with PerkinElmer

Live Webinar: Take Control of Elemental Impurities

DATE: Wednesday August 12

TIME: 11:30 AST | 12:30 GST

DURATION: 1 hour


Join our live webinar on Wednesday, August 12, to learn from our experts how to take control of elemental impurities using PerkinElmer's comprehensive range of solutions for the pharmaceutical QA/QC sector.


Plabon Basu

Principal Product Specialist


Elemental impurities in pharmaceutical drug products pose toxicological risks to patients without providing any therapeutic benefits. For this reason, it is imperative to control elemental impurities within acceptable limits and according to official guidelines. When it comes to QA/QC, PerkinElmer offers a range of solutions that enable you to remain compliant each step of the way.

From sample preparation and instrumentation to data interpretation in atomic spectroscopy, PerkinElmer provides the right techniques and tools to create safe, quality products consumers can trust and pharmaceutical manufacturers can feel confident about.


• Global Regulatory Trends on Elemental Impurities

• USP ICH Q3D Guidelines

• Compliance Requirements

• Elemental Analysis Workflow

• Overview of Atomic Spectroscopy - PerkinElmer

• Pharma QA/QC Solutions.


• QC Managers

• R&D Managers

• Lab Managers

• Chemists.